Grand slams from Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner lead the Giants to victory over the D-backs.


Grand slams from Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner lead the Giants to victory over the D-backs.

Giants Game that @dajennings won on her birthday @sfgiants #sfgiants #bluemoon #freeticket #mlb  (at AT&T Park)

Giants Game that @dajennings won on her birthday @sfgiants #sfgiants #bluemoon #freeticket #mlb (at AT&T Park)

is this a knight who comes before us, or the answer to a child’s riddle?

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Jurgen Klinsmann’s World Cup reactions

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but also ben scrivens is an actual angel and unlike many people in the nhl he actually realizes that racism and sexism are huge issues instead of just focusing on lgbt+ rights like a majority of the league. he also essentially told a reporter to fuck off after wrongly attacking his wife.

you can save 59 of my team’s shots any day.


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Boston Bruins Off Season

With the Free Agent frenzy finally dying down, it’s time to take the annual reflective view of the Off Season for the Boston Bruins thus far.

  1. The Draft

The Bruins drafted well this year with a very top heavy draft. The Bruins first draft pick for the night was David Pastrnak from the Czech Republic. While the scouting on him seems like he can project to be a top 6 forward; he’s probably seen more as a long term development with the Bruins current depth at C.

  1. How do we go about replacing Iginla?

Not going to lie, losing Iginla is a big hole to fill. 30 goal scorers just don’t grow on trees and his shot from the left on the Power Play will be missed but after watching him in the playoffs, he just seemed out of gas and I dunno how many times one can keep hitting the post as much as he did. It made for some rather cringworthy moment. Not too mention, his lack of speed was glaring when up against the far speedier Canadiens. Do I believe he was a great fit for the first line? Of course. He jelled well with the first unit but in the playoffs, they seem to be a step too slow against Detroit and Montreal. Personally, I believe a speedier winger with similar possession numbers can be had from Providence. Which brings me to…

  1. Roster Battles

I believe for the first time in about 5 seasons there will be plenty of fight for spots on the roster this year with the exception of the second line, it seems there will be battle for the right wing spot on the first, third and fourth line. While I was a little surprised Campbell wasn’t bought out, I suspect, the fourth line will probably be Kelly-Campbell-Fraser\Florek. I believe the time has come for Daniel Paille to be promoted to the third line where he can be given the opportunity to score 10-15 goals a season with Soderberg, whom if you were to look at his stat line after he moved to center would be a number 2 C on most teams and even has the potential to be a number 1 center. Not too mention, his chemistry with Erikksson was undeniable but they single handedly couldn’t will the Bruins to a deeper run despite the amount of possession they had and the chances they generated. Who would be fighting for spots from Providence though? For the backup goalie spot, Jeremy Smith seems to have been signed to provide competition for Niklas Svedberg for the back up spot behind Tuukka after Chad Johnson signed with the Islanders. For the forward spots, it’ll be interesting see what battles break out for the winger spots. Chiarelli has noted in the past that he didn’t plan on moving Spooner to the wing due to his lack of physical play but I believe that could change with him fighting it out with Alexander Khokhlachev, who had an impressive season with Providence along with Seth Griffith. Jared Knight could get a look as well along with Matt Lindblad, Anton Blidh, Justin Florek, Peter Cehlarik, Craig Cunningham, Matt Fraser. To me the most intriguing prospect would be Anthony Camara. He plays a hard nose physical game similar to Milan Lucic and would be the perfect complement to the fourth line with his passing ability.   

  1. Trades?

There could still be a trade or two thrown in for good measure this summer though, you never know. But if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened by now, one would assume as July and August are not really known as trading seasons in the NHL, let alone even early in the season. If there was a trade to be made, one would assume it would be from their defensive depth. The Bruins will be carrying possibly eight defensemen heading into the season with Kevan Miller and Matt Bartowski as the odd men out. With McQuaid coming back healthy and Seidenberg returning from injury, there just seems to be one too many defensemen on the roster that could see possibly McQuaid or Bartowski being shipped off as part of a package or just for minor league spare parts and low draft picks in next years draft. If there is a package to be made, I assume Caron would be part of it as well. I doubt there is any major roster shake up as there was last summer.

  1. Predictions?

Probably too early to make any at this point, but I’m going to assume that Spooner or Khokhlachev will probably make the team RW for the third line. The four line, I assume will probably have an interesting battle coming out. Either way, the Bruins are still a solid team that has a great core but one has to wonder how much Chara has left in the tank. He seem to tire again in the playoffs yet again and it didn’t help that he was injuried after game 3 in the Montreal series either. This team is currently in a championship window and not winning another one would just prove that the team’s window is closing. Most thought 2013-14 season would be the year they would return to the Finals and win it. Almost every writer had them winning the East. Instead they got torched by Montreal (let’s be honest, with the exception of game 1,2 and 5, they were badly outplayed and lucky they even won game 4) which proved that their previous formula wasn’t going to cut it moving forward. Speed, possession and physicality will all need to be used this season as anything short of another long cup run would see a break up of the team after next season.



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Tim Howard, Legendary performance against the Belgians.


Tim Howard, Legendary performance against the Belgians.

Stanley Chow Art #usmnt #ussoccer #worldcup

Stanley Chow Art #usmnt #ussoccer #worldcup